Christmas Break

Merry Christmas Everybody! I am sorry that I couldn’t post in a long time because I was so busy in the 3rd Quarter and I did a lot during the Christmas Break. So I will ask for you forgiveness now. Anyway, What I did for the Christmas Break was go have mass on Christmas Eve and I had a lot of parties as well. On Christmas day, I only asked for a few gifts because the main reason for Christmas for me is God sent his son for us. We should try to appreciate more what God gave us than material gifts. I also spent New Year’s Day in a place called Miravana which is in Nuvali, Laguna. I had really fun this Christmas Break! I had some traditions and family superstitions like jumping up and down so our family can get taller when the clock struck 12:00am on New Year’s Day. Also, my mom said to eat 12 grapes. How about you what’s your traditions and superstitions? Comment it. I would love to see. Thank you!wordpress


Literacy Month

This October, our school will be celebrating the Month of Literacy. Literacy is when we learn to read and write and our school has a lot of activities that promote literacy: 1. Listen while you Eat. This isn’t your typical book talk, this book talk allows you to listen while you eat! Now isn’t that entertainment? 2.Meet the Author. This is your chance to get to meet authors who read and write like us but they were very successful, Maybe some day we can be like them right?3. Finally the most recent activity the Greek Mythology Quiz Bee and our section, 6J won! Now there was also a Essay writing challenge (I will tell you about it in a different post). Now the Greek Mythology is really about stories or myths in Greek about gods and other creatures like the

Minotaur and Medusa and others.Really interesting right? Let’s enjoy literacy.Zeus-god-of-the-gods-greek-mythology


October, Month of the Holy Rosary

It’s October already! How time flies! People usually think October is for “Trick or Treating” but for me October is about the month of the Rosary. The rosary is one of the sacred symbols of the Church and helps us pray! So Xavier, decided to give us an October medal and encouraged us to bring our rosary to school to show dedication! So I think you guys to should pray the rosary! It will help so much!

Upcoming A-Day!

The A-Day is just around the corner! This is the day where we show our appreciation to all our teachers who have been working so hard for all us! But not only teachers, but also janitors and guards. We should always show our appreciation to these people because they are always the ones who do the hard work like clean and guard. This is the day for Appreciation! Wait for it!

The 2nd Quarter

Our Second Quarter just started and I was quite happy to have a new start after a long 1st Quarter. I really liked my 1st Quarterly Test grades as I got an A+ in 2 subjects! I would just like to say that if you had quite a bad 1st Quarter or start this is your chance to catch up and do well but even though still don’t lose hope since March is really far or not quite near yet. So be determined and never give up! I know all of you can do it!

Our 1st Quarterly Tests

Our 1st Quarterly Tests had recently finished and I was very happy to take them. If you are always having a hard time taking exams here is some tips that I used:

Always ask help. If you don’t understand ask help from your parents or adults.

Memorize. By memorizing I don’t mean like word by word that is too hard, just try to understand it and try to say it in your own words.

Don’t cram. Cramming is when you start so late and start to panic when you study. Never cram, always start early and you will have a better chance to remember all that you studied.

Lastly, Pray. God will always help you, never panic. Always stay calm and ask God for guidance.

I hope this helps!

What you will expect in my blog

Hello everybody!

What you will expect in this blog is about education and tips on learning! This will also say what I experience during the day and tell you my personal things about learning. Let’s make this a fun, learning website!